Saturday, February 7, 2009

Round 3

Last one for today. These photos are from Wills and some are a lot more difficult (you get what you ask for). They are all Bishop granite. I was going to separate them into hard ones for smart people and easy ones for dumb people, but as Wills pointed out, what's easy for one person isn't easy for another. So in no particular order, here they are. Good luck.


















Anonymous said...

I love this game. This is a whole new level of climbing geekdom. #4 is the Mandala and 7 is Soul Slinger.


Jeff Sillcox said...

Yes, it is the coolest game ever invented. Correct on 4 and 7. Nice work. Only 14 more to go.

Andrew said...

Dear Sirs,

Allow me, for a moment, to try to forget the vast sheets of Euro limestone that separate me, chronologically, from the memories that I now prod to pull forth, from my ass, random associations with the afformentioned Chyty.

16. Mild the milks?
15. Kato Kaelin (aka the Flake Route)
14. Beary/Lard
13. Any Granite slope in the world
12. Iron Man Gayverse
11. Green face, which I happen to own and have two hotels on, pay up bitches.
10. I have deffniately climbed and is probably V4
9. Miss Siagon
8. Bachar Face (aka Boreal rubber would never stick to this rock)
7. Soul Dinger
6. seeing that only 2% of the pic is rock, I am saying generic pic stoled from the may 1998 Rock and Ice
5. the on button to the TiVo when Charles in Charge comes on
4. N.A.M.B.L.A RAMBLA (aka Joe Hanes wuz heir.)
3. That thing at the Druids that is the only problem ever to receive the grade of V4/5, and rightfully so.
2. Are you kidding me?
1. The Knob?

Jeff Sillcox said...

16. no
15. yes
14. yes
13. yes, but I think it might be rotated wrong... Wills' idea of a joke I guess
12. yes
11. yes, but Nate owns it because he flashed it
10. close... the one next to that one
9. yes
8. probably... still not sure about that one myself though
7. yes
6. no, see #2
5. huh?
4. huh? But you're probably right... if only I could decipher that one.
3. yes, obviously
2. no, not kidding... it's really not that bad. put it next to #6
1. yes, but plural