Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dairy Products

This post was supposed to be about the dairy related problems in the cave at the Buttermilks like Lactose Intolerant (V5) and Wheel of Cheese (V10). But I have all these pictures from non-dairy boulders at the Buttermilks and Pollen Grains and I did The Mystery (V12) instead of the Buttermilker. Anyway, here are a couple galleries from the weekend. Click the photos for the galleries.

Eric suspended in silence on Suspended in Silence (V5) at the Pollen Grains.

photos - Jeff Sillcox

Luckily, Eric wasn't around to dab tackle me off of The Mystery (V12) when my shirt brushed the pad.

photos - Jen Sillcox

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andrew said...

beautiful pics, glad to see you left the ones out from the last of the great cheese problems... Frumunda...