Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Season that Never Was

Here is a video to make Andrew psyched (I know we already have one of Jeff, but mine is more stylish and better quality)... unless he sends today*! Make me proud old man!

We are going to try and be serious about this whole blogging thing but until Jeff gets his head out of Colorado's ass, shit's gonna suck! Get on Jeff; facebook him, email him, call him, punch him... do whatever it takes to get him back on here. When he blogs more, I blog more!!!!

Two Dragons from Eric Lang on Vimeo.

*Post-prepost edit... He did not send, and I will be praying to the climbing god, Weathor, that he gets another chance (although he has had three since that video was taken). Give him shit and tell him he has to send or Weathor will come after him and his first born... THAT MEANS YOU NATHAN... sheesh, talk about 2 birds... ;)

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