Sunday, February 14, 2010

SEXY LADIES!!! (do I have your attention?)

Welcome back to the old and unimproved Eastside Bouldering... although Jeff moved to Colorado so I suppose something is new and the improvement part is debatable (take that how you want Jeff).

Anyway, we were waiting until our readership dwindled into the single digits but Andrew went and ruined it by sending his 4 year project, Stained Glass. (I will also comment that Wills ruined it further by posting about the send before I could get my lazy ass to blog a video, but you can't trust anyone who drinks that much tea...)

Another picture of Andrew in case the other picture was too provocative
Photo- Eric Lang

Andrew on try number 297 of 300... roughly... Stained Glass V10
Photo - Eric Lang

Unfortunately, we only managed to capture the top half of the send, but everyone knows Andrew was power spotted through the beginning so we wouldn't want to show that anyway... (anyone who has seen Andrew try this problem knows that comment was a joke; I think a power spot would make the beginning harder for Andrew!)

Without further delay... GRAINY VIDEO!!!!

Grainy footage of Andrew sending Stained Glass V10
Video - Shaun/Andrew

In other news, this guy had a great weekend also sending Stained Glass, Saigon V6, and flashing Yayoi V7! Way to go guys!

Shaun and the surprisingly good energy drink, Ol' Glory... Jeremy Shockey already has a tattoo of this can...
Photo - Eric Lang

Then in true American fashion: after finding something awesome, we smashed it...
Photo - Eric Lang

Long story short, Jeff moved, Andrew sent, Shaun's awesome, and I suck at blogging and climbing... I'll work on one of them; or not...


James said...

Nice work Andrew!

Andrew said...

I guess I have to make East Side Bouldering my homepage again. Thanks, Andrew

Drewski78 said...

Sooo... no sexy ladies?

Jamie said...

a little late, but I AM SO EXCITED! i jumped up and down for you andrew!