Thursday, July 23, 2009

Way Lake Media

Since Eric and I have been extremely lazy on the photography front (Eric is actually too weak to lift a camera right now), here are a few links to some media from more motivated people.

Alex Savage posted a nice video from his trip up here. It's got Mike taking a terrible fall off the top of Green Mamba (V7), me repeating I'm Too Drunk to Taste this Chicken (V6), Darryl sending Serpentine (V8 or 9, I'll get around the the grades discussion in another post), and Alex crushing a number of hard problems.

Dom put up a bunch of good photos on his blog. Day 1 and Day 2.

Here's a sample of Dom's work... Me on Excitebike (V0ish). Check out his blog for the rest.

photo - Dominic Palmero

And Paul Barraza created a Way Lake Bouldering channel on Vimeo. The videos are all from last season, but I thought I'd put it up anyway since there's so much good stuff on there.

More to come soon. I actually have a bunch of photos that I haven't posted yet and I just got a new lens today!


Classic Bloc said...

very psyched to come back up with Nic next weekend.. hope all has been well on the eastside

Wes said...

I like that light