Monday, May 18, 2009

good decision...

Since a creationday would sound stupid (some may disagree with this statement, but that is not for this blog...), Abbie decided that she wanted to be born... today... today in the past... 26 years in the past to be exact.

Now, before you get all "damn girl! how you look so young when you so old?" and "how your elbows be so sharp?" and "are you gonna eat that?", yes she is... and she is also wise beyond her years. She teaches children with learning disabilities (namely me), volunteers, is going to Cambodia to work with underprivileged kids, and is keen with an elbow sharpening stone...

*Abbie apparently does not work with children with learning disabilities, but children with special needs. Yes, there is a difference, and no, I don't know what it is.*

While this blog is dedicated to her (although I liked the pictures I took, and she happened to be in them, and we needed a blog this month, and I haven't taken many pictures lately... well, you get the picture), we'll call it a dedication of convenience since East Side Bouldering is not in the business of birthday dedications. Afterall, between Drew's and Abbie's there have been at least a dozen birthdays on the planet, and we haven't dedicated a blog to any of them...

Abbie just before she threw up on the jug on an unnamed V3 at Tram
Photo by Eric

Abbie on the crux(?) of The Cube V5 at Tram
Photo by Eric

And no blog about Abbie would be complete without a picture of the disembodied head of shaun staring down a sloper ready to pounce with an equally disembodied hand...

Shaun's head and hand (off and on, respectively) on My Infested Destiny V7 at Tram
Photo by Eric

Until the time when next unimportant person is born, (insert signout cliche).