Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drop your knee... other knee...

Andrew wanted to prove to me, once and for all, that Senior citizens, while slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose! (I feel like we've used that quote before on this very blog...)

After Andrew's previous attempts at sending Stained Glass, we didn't think he could be any closer and NOT send... but we were wrong. We don't have any pictures, but he may still be hanging from the jug, slowly falling.

Later that day, we went over to a problem that Andrew had never tried; Seven Spanish Angels or The Ruckus. Yea... that's right... 400 years of climbing (250 of them in Bishop) and he had never tried this problem. So he was going to try and flash it.

photos by Eric Lang

He didn't... Notice in the second picture where his head is looking (i.e. not at the jug he is dynoing for...)

But he did send easily, third go (after another attempt at not looking at the hold).

Andrew sending Seven Spanish Angels V6
Photo by Eric Lang

Later that day we (Wes and I) decided to take advantage of the cool lighting brought on by a storm.... Here is Wes being glorious...

Wes using his powers of color-necromancy to "liven-up" this field...
Photo by Eric Lang

And Wes's shirt being awesome, all by itself.

I drew the zebra blue because I've never seen a blue zebra before. And to be honest with you, I wanted to see a blue zebra.
Photo by Eric Lang


Drewski78 said...

That's quacktastic

Andrew said...

I'm looking off to the side because of my worsening glaucoma; thanks for pointing that out. You'll notice that I was really close to the hold despite my disability.
Bishop Andrew

Andrew said...

sounds like a few bouldering sessions with Chris Sharma or the like could really improve your bouldering.