Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dongle Goblin

Eric and I spent the day at the Boneyard today since it was crazy windy at the Buttermilks. Conditions were just about perfect. Eric did a bunch of problems including an impressive flash of Jeff's Mantle (V5/6ish) and the second ascent of Lichen Poisoning (V8). I repeated a few problems and then set to work on a project next to Twin Dongs. I was psyched to do the stand start in a few tries since it felt impossible a year ago. It's called Dongle Goblin and I think it's hard V9 or V10.

The first move is a giant lockoff to a sloping crimp.

photo - Eric Lang

Then you setup for the crux and jump to a good sloping dish.

photos - Eric Lang

Then I figured out the sit start moves and fell off the end a few times. It will be pretty hard.

photo - Eric Lang

Another big lockoff

photo - Eric Lang

My head about to explode

photos - Eric Lang

And here's a random photo of a Joshua Tree near Las Vegas.

photo - Jeff Sillcox


Wills Young said...

Sweet! Where's the next image in the sequence after the one where your head was "about to explode"?

PS did you get that letter I left in the hallway?

Walt said...

And what's THIS text mess?

Looks more like a USB Dongle Goblin to me!

You've gotta name something "She likes Cloth"...


Jeff Sillcox said...

band name... band name... band name...