Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy X-max!

I went through my pictures that I had uploaded into my "i-should-really-blog-or-people-will-think-i'm-lazy-(even-lazier-than-not-capitalizing)-folder" and I decided I would blog before Jeff killed me in my sleep...

Here are a couple from Tram over the summer and fall 2008

Abbie trying to get the FA of The Heist, V5
Photo - Eric Lang

The next two photos are of Power Windows, V6 at the Tram. Here is Shaun crushing it. On this short day at Tram, Shaun managed to climb 2 V7s in a total of 3 tries... you do the math... well actually I'll do it for you (he flashed Swingdance and did Crouching Tiger second go!). Oh and he had only previously climb V6 (he also did one of those...)! Shaun had been nursing a finger injury and has been avoiding crimps, but is now back to crushing rocks and grabbing whatever holds he damn well pleases!

Shaun on Power Windows, V6
Photo - Eric Lang

Shaun on Power Windows, V6
Photo - Eric Lang

Time for a throwback... to the summer!

Here are some pictures from Way Lake.

All in all, it was a pretty successful season. A lot of problems got sent, some projects got done, and a lot of new people were introduced to the awesome climbing this place has to offer!

Eric is cuckoo for Kook's crimps... that was just lame... i'm sorry.
Kook V8
Photo - Jeff Sillcox

Wes trying to make a decision like Mark Wahlberg about to leave the Funky Bunch on the V6 on the 1-6-9 boulder.
Photo - Eric Lang

Eric eliminating all the moves on Avada Kedavra, V10? There are no moves, There are no moves...
Photo - Wes Dodson

And now it is Bishop season...

In this picture, Eric is demonstrating that he can take cool pictures of the sun too... Oh yea, that's Charlie on Evilution, V12...
Photo - Eric Lang

And here is a picture from the east rim of the sads... I think there are mountains and maybe even the Buttermilks over there... this is bulls*@#!!!!!!!!!

Photo - Eric Lang

And on a completely unrelated note... I appreciate this guys honesty; maybe he should be president for the next couple of weeks!

This place is the truth!
Photo - Eric Lang


Drewski78 said...

I once did 5 V7's in a total of 3 tries.

Andrew said...

was your blue problem in the cave, circa 1997, one of them?