Thursday, October 9, 2008


After squeezing in the FA of Paralyzed (V9) at Way Lake in the morning a few weeks ago (check out the video here), I hit the road for Utah. First up: Joe's Valley. Jamie sent her first V3, the beautiful Buoux Problem and came pretty close to doing another, Bad Genes pictured here:

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Chris sticking a really fun eliminate dyno in The Closet area.

photos - Jeff Sillcox

Next up was the HERA Climb4Life in Salt Lake City. This was a pretty cool event that raised over $100,000 this year to help fight ovarian cancer; thanks to everyone who donated! I accidentally spent both climbing days in American Fork, but got rained out the second day...

Clouds building over the Wasatch range and the HERA tent in the morning.

photo - Jeff Sillcox

American Fork

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Toproping in the rain

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Also got to check out Little Cottonwood Canyon for the first time. After a quick warmup on the first day, Isaac sprayed me down with the beta for Copperhead (V9 or 10) and I almost pulled off the flash. I got on for a second try and quickly realized that I didn't have enough skin to pull on the nasty crimp again in those temps so it will have to wait until next time. That's okay though since there are lots of amazing looking problems to go back for.

Jamie trying The Ramp (V2) in LCC.

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Stay tuned for the Red River Gorge report soon.

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RockClimbingForLife said...

Looks like you had a good trip. Copperhead really needs to be climbed in perfect temps or your skin gets wrecked. Hope you liked Joe's Valley that is truly one of my favorite areas in Utah for bouldering.