Thursday, September 4, 2008

(Old) New Problem Update #5 of 5

I must first apologize for accidentally double posting. I thought I fixed the problem by deleting the post, but I realized that all of the people who have a subscription to the blog have gotten the update and saw three pictures with no words... I so dum...

Here is a problem Abbie put up a few weeks ago called "S is for Shame." Its in the V3 - V4 range. Here are some pictures of her resending the problem this weekend.

photo - Eric Lang

photo - Eric Lang

photo - Eric Lang

More blogs to follow but you'll have to wait


Jeff H said...

Eric, I'll be at the The Tram Saturday. You gonna be out?

Eric said...

i'll be there sunday... damn you... you should come out sunday instead!

Seth said...

where is this place? i want directions, topos, tours, beta, etc.... :)

tim steele said...

what is the problem to the right called?