Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Problem update 6 of 6

For the next couple of weeks, I'll be driving this thing. But don't expect me to makes too many stops... since I am incredibly lazy...

Photo and Lighting - Eric Lang

It was a busy weekend on the Talladega Nights boulder, with "I'm Too Drunk to Taste This Chicken" seeing approximately 400 sends (slight over exaggeration) over the course of two days, and the "Paralyzed Project" seeing its first and second ascents. Due to a combination of Wes' unwillingness to crimp harder and my unwillingness to do Drunk Chicken on my first go and Jeff's unwillingness to tie Randy's hand behind his back, I missed the second ascent of Drunk Chicken by mere minutes... Kudos to Randy for the flash!

Shannon eyeing up the crux of "Drunk Chicken (for short)", V6
Photo - Eric Lang

In good style, Jeff sent his project that he had been "too busy" (aka too lazy to move pads down the hill) to send, on his second attempt of the day (I believe). The following day (under a false name and shrouded in secrecy) Wills sent as well.

Jeff on "Paralyzed", V9?
Photo - Eric Lang

Jeff on "Paralyzed", V9?
Photo - Eric Lang

I also climbed with Wes and Way Lake newcomer, Mike T. aka Big Dumb Animal... Mike had a great day flashing Crimp Ladder V7 and sending Meadow Roof stand V8! Meanwhile, Wes was working his nicknames such as Mr. Inviso, Pigpen, or Capt. Chalk Dust... You can decide based on several of the pictures in the slideshow... CLICK ME!

...and as you can see below, we had a blast at Jeff's place without him! Have fun in Joe's and SLC and the RRG... we won't use the oven!

Photo - Eric Lang

Oh and if anyone is interested, I have re-FA'd Hosemonster (now V8?) due to a very important hold "disappearing"... thanks Wes, stop drinking porkchop milkshakes...

Still to come... bugs, Tram, etc...

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Jeff H said...

It might be a good idea to start wearing bright colors and or a bulletproof vest while climbing. The hunting season for the Eastern Sierra's just opened and the rednecks are looking to score. Hunters have already been spotted at the Buttermilks and I found an arrow at Way Lake boulders a couple weeks ago.