Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking News

Isaac sent the project on the Meadow Roof boulder today. He called it Chumscrubber and gave it the big V12. (See Wills, I told you it wasn't V9.) Wills is close also and I'm hoping to get it done before I go sportclimbing and lose all my power. And Lisa continues to plow her way through the hard lines at Way Lake with a quick send of Prune Candy (V9).

Isaac Caldiero working out the moves on his Chumscrubber (V12).

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Lots of rock climbing happened this weekend also, but I didn't take very many photos. Here's one of Lyn sending One Dragon. This is a tough one to grade for some reason and the votes range from V5-V8 right now.

photo - Jeff Sillcox

And a couple new problems went up: Justin added Sacrificial Sherpa (V8) which is pretty scary (I'm the Sherpa). And I added a link up of Green Mamba and Penis Envy called Green Penis (duh).

Almost forgot about Beth's linkup of Donkey Kong into the start of Donkey Kong Jr. dubbed Princess Peach. No idea how hard this one is, but probably V5 or 6ish. Picture on Justin's blog.

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