Thursday, August 14, 2008

Books, Boulders, and ... (wait for next post)

First off, let me just say, "Read this book!"
( I allowed to use quotes when quoting myself? Oh well...)

photo - Eric Lang

... and here is the proof (without the pudding...)

a page from the book... and this one is not even funny...
photo - Eric Lang

...And now to climbing

Abbie, Wes and myself went to Tram like 3 weeks or so ago and we spent the day climbing some moderate stuff. Abbie sent one of her projects (Don's Dyno v5) and another that was supposed to be a project (Methane Direct v4), in a handful of tries... Also Wes learned (sort of!) how to mantle. It was sort of a remedial class in mantling which will lead up to the class that Jeff is going to teach to prepare us to climb with Andy!

Abbie literally about to stick the first move and send Don's Dyno v5 (yay, no posed shots!)
photo - Eric Lang

Wes also sending Don's Dyno v5... not posing!
photo - Eric Lang

And after I did Emerald City v0 (i didn't flash by the way... stupid smear) several times, i decided to get Abbie to get on it. And she did it, and liked it, first go! Next time, Wes, next time...

Abbie not scared at all on Emerald City v0... sorry for the crappy overexposed skyline...
photo - Wes Dodson

Can you pick out the climbers in the pictures? We're like Waldo only creepier...
photo - set up by Eric Lang, taken by Organic Crashpad!

I also have some bugs and other pictures but i'll save them for their own post just for Andrew! I hope this post doesn't get lost in the pool of Jeff's flurry of posts!

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Abbie said...

i think this is one of my favorite posts on eastsidebouldering ever :) except that you put bugs in the label and there are no bugs to be found, just a mention...