Monday, April 14, 2008

Man, it is hot today!

Ooh, it's hot out here, man. It is hot today!
You know, it's hot out.
Yeah, I just said that. I said it's hot out here, man.
Yeah, you know, it's hot too.
Yeah, that's why I said it, man! It is hot out here!
I know. I'm just saying it's hot too.

I've had this conversation several times with various people (including myself) over the past few days. 80+ degrees in Bishop over the weekend was a little warm for me so I decided to check out some higher areas. But before it got crazy hot, Jeff Honeywell and I spent an afternoon over at Dale's Camp.

Jeff on the full value Green Hornet (V4)

photos - Jeff Sillcox

Saturday was spent up at Rock Creek with Andrew Stevens. There's still snow up there, but I cleaned off the last bit from the top of the Campground Boulder. Every problem I saw was dry and climbable. We put up a few new problems including my really scary Ham to Ham Combat (V6 or 7). It's probably not that scary with a bunch of pads and some real cleaning. There's a lot of lichen on the high slab moves which made the footholds worse than they really are.

Andrew managed to finish off Overzealous (V9) on the Talus Boulder before we headed up the talus field. (Note his amazing style: a tucked in shirt and makeshift manpris)

photos - Jeff Sillcox

Next on the list was Large Talons (V9). Andrew got close, but didn't send. I put this one up a while ago and Wills repeated it shortly after. He said something about it only being V8, but it's probably closer to V10 and definitely harder than Overzealous.

photos - Jeff Sillcox

I've got a bunch more pictures of the newer stuff at Rock Creek... I'll post more if I get motivated.


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And you know it's hot too.

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