Friday, March 14, 2008

Meat Bump

Somehow we returned from Hueco with only one problem on video. And since we're lazy, it comes to you unedited with no music.

Eric sending Speed Bump (V7) AKA Meat Bump

Back on the east side, Wills, Jeff H., and I had a quick night session on Brian's Project (V8 or 9) last week. It's a fun, squeezy problem on the west side of the Buttermilk Stem boulder. Wills put the problem up a couple seasons ago and quickly repeated it several times after we refined our beta.

Wills on his third lap

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Jeff would have sent it if I hadn't been firing my flash off while he was trying to climb. (And the four giant holes in his fingers didn't help either.)

photo - Jeff Sillcox

5 second exposure of Jeff trying to find footholds in the dark.


climbing narc said...

very cool last photo

Drewski78 said...

Is it me or is Eric's one forearm much bigger than the other?

Wills Young said...

Oh yeah, that photo of me is just sick!! Jeff, you're a visionary photographer man ... I mean you can envision stuff I can't even see. Ha ha ha ...!

Wills Young said...

In the vid, did Eric dab on that sweater?? I think he dabbed on that sweater1!!

Eric said...

its called aid climbing... meat bump 7b A5... i don't know though, the placement was easy but it wouldn't hold a fall, which would most likely be devastating if not lethal... and your fingers might as well be considered aid climbing anyway, cheater...