Thursday, January 3, 2008

Da Deeerrrty Souf' (The Southeast)

Although my blog-posting whereabouts during Jeff's "Blogmania 2007-2008" were not fully understood by modern scientists, one thing is for sure; it was not due to training for a half-marathon. During the time in question, I would describe my daily training routine as nothing short of lazy, "non-training" for a half-marathon, and trying to prevent my entire left arm from falling off due to numerous "chinks" in the soft tissue armor...

Now that my half-marathon is complete (with unexpected success), I can dedicate a very limited portion of my highly valuable time to entertaining you (the reader) and Jeff (my blog-nazi boss). The rest (a significantly larger portion) of my time will be dedicated to training and trying not to fall so far behind my cohort. Sorry readers, I've got a madman to catch, and i only know one (well maybe more than one) way to do it....

So other than gyroballin’, I’ll probably spend my time climbing in Bishop (weather permitting), doing some exercising (to get down to my fighting weight… you know, in case I get in a fight), and looking at pictures and videos of rock climbing!

Lately, I've been thinking about how much I miss climbing in the south east… little tiny chicken sandwiches from Krystal Burger, fresh cinnamon biscuits from Bojangles, the terrified looks of hostesses at the Golden Corral as a family of 800 pound people arrive in their Ford F-450000 wearing tool belts filled with silverware (well maybe that’s a bit of an over exaggeration)…. Oh yea, there’s some bouldering there too!

Eric showing he knows how to be America's Next Top Model on Sherman Photo Roof(V7, Rocktown, GA)

Photo by Mike Hartley

Some may not know where Eric, the "Great White," ends and Great White (V7, Horse Pens 40, AL) begins... although others may know...
Photo by Mike Hartley

Derek Spencer staring fondly into his glazing gobe...or is it gazing globe...or is he simply climbing The Orb (V8, Rocktown, GA)?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Eric about to fall into the Cahulawassee River while reaching for his banjo...errrr... or on Slabalicious (V7, Horse Pens 40, AL)
Photo by Mike Hartley

Unlike Derek, Eric likes his Orb (V8, Rocktown, GA) smothered, covered, and topped (that sounds dirty) just like his Wafflehouse hashbrowns... mmm
Photo by Mike Hartley

Eric showing how cool his hand is on Super Koola (V6, Horse Pens 40, AL), but who can eat more eggs than Luke???
Photo by Mike Hartley

Sorry about the lack of diversity and the quality of the photos, as they are old and small. The southeast is actually an awesome place with great climbing and nice people. If you ever want to do some pullin' on some sweet stone, then look no further than Horse Pens 40, Rocktown, Boone, Little Rock City, Boat Rock, etc. Just makes sure you check the weather conveniently located on the sidebar of the page! Someday, I'll have to get Jeff down there so he can be right at home with all the sandbagging...

Next... Hueco!


Nate said...

Gyro ball huh? I'm on it.
p.s. Jeff you climb to slow for those videos. You need to be way radder. I'm also wondering what's in your pocket? Why do you keep slapping your thigh? Actually, I don't think I want to know.

andrew said...

Gyro ball for chumps. You think Hacksaw 'Jim' Duggins got where he did by palming spinning plastic testicular shaped toys?


He got it the old fashion way- he copped that Mobb Deep Hell on Earth, that Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Links (lets face it, the game fell off since 1996), and went training in a gym filled with Slavic girls.

What can I say? Tupac no longer talking trash, and is there any chick power greater then that you get from a girl with a last name ending in ...ova?

Hacksaw has spoken.

Drewski78 said...

Nate... I think I've heard Jeff refer to that thigh slapping as "beat'n back the excitement" Personally I think he needs to find other hobbies.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

i'll look to hacksaw when i want to gain 100 lbs, and start beating rocks with a 2x4... I prefer the Rick Flair method... flamboyant, cocky, and i'll stick around waaaaaay too long... wooooooooooooo!

Jeff Sillcox said...

Sorry Nate, but that's why they call me "Captain Slow". And it was 29 degrees so my blood was freezing... that was as fast as I could climb.

And the leg slapping is to chalk up (which you would be able to see if Eric's camera wasn't so crappy)... when you weigh as much as I do, you can't afford to carry a chalk bag up with you.

P.S. Gyro balls are ghey, I can't crimp them.