Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Joe's aka Vahalla

Oh yea! You guessed it... oh wait, you weren't guessing yet? I guess I didn't really ask a question... Well... let's just start this over.
Drew would be apologetic about that poor start to this post, but please remember; be nice to retarded people.
Photo by Nate Peach

Where can you find tons of perfect sandstone, crisp conditions, and more Mormons than an Osmond Brothers concert? You guessed it this time right? Joe's Valley - I like to call it Valley of the Heavens... no wait, I already called it Vahalla... whatever, it is AWESOME!
Maybe not as awesome as a handful of bananas... but pretty awesome!
photo by Jeff

This year we were greeted by rain and snow... and did i mention rain??? But we managed to get some climbing in and it was pretty freakin' cool! After a few rousing verses of Boyz 2 Men by Drew and I, we were ready to climb!

We split up into teams: Drew and myself vs. Jeff and Jamie. We all got handicaps for our respective climbing abilities and scored points based on sends... due to a poor decision on the rules, Drew and I got utterly hosed! No big deal though the climbing was still fun!

Eric Lang wondering what will happen if he doesn't save the world on "Resident Evil" V10
Photo by Jeff

Drew Davis is about to show us his "Worst Case Scenario" V9
photo by Jeff

Jeff flashing "Wills A Fire" V6
photo by Eric

I would have gladly spotted Jeff on the above problem if I could have avoided spotting on Drew's send......*gags*.... i just threw up a little thinking about it! It was such an awesome trip, I don't understand why Drew tried to kill his entire team, but he failed (or succeeded depending how you look at it!)

Why can't there be a large city close to Joe's so I could convince Abbie to move there... that place is amazing - we shall return soon, Joe's!

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Jeff said...

Don't blame the rules. Jamie crushed Joe's... not my fault you picked the wrong teammate :) And you forgot to mention the team names. Big Thunder Tumbleweeds vs. Dorothy Mantooth.