Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Boneyard

...and Eric

The weatherman still sucks. There's some kind of conspiracy involving Friday storms. Long story short... Saturday morning came with 40mph winds and a dusting of snow at Way Lake so we ended up at the stupid Buttermilks again (only stupid right now... it will be the best bouldering in the world again in a month).

Eric topping out Essential Peabody (V1)
When you can't climb hard, you climb high... don't do drugs.
photo - Jeff Sillcox

Eric doing intergalactic battle with a sun missile on top of the Grandma Peabody boulder.
photo - Jeff Sillcox

Then we ate a sandwich...yes, the same sandwich.

Team Fat Camp at it's finest

And then we were so fat, we got a flat tire on our way to the Boneyard...

We didn't actually have to yardsale all our gear on the highway...there's some kind of crazy tire chandelier lowering dealie that took several readings of the user manual to figure out. Tire changing tip #1: Read the captions under the pictures... don't just look at the pictures.

Look for this photo on the cover of your next 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine.

We finally made it to the Boneyard after navigating through a field of sheep...mmmm.... rack of lamb.

Eric negotiating the tricky creek crossing
photo - Jeff Sillcox

Some of the rock was a little less than solid... some would describe it as kitty litter. But we found some solid patina and finished our skin off so we won't be able to climb tomorrow.

Jeff crimping the "mouth" on Viking frame 35A72 (NASA)... still a project so feel free to name it something else related to the Red Planet if you do it first.
photos - Eric Lang

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