Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Draw

I just found an old video of Eric, Andy and I at Priest Draw in Flagstaff, AZ from about a year and a half ago. Andy wrote a great article on our trip for check it out here. Andy just sent his first 5.13c and was off to southern France last time I talked with him. Okay, that's enough sportclimbing talk, here's some bouldering...

Warning: Video may be inappropriate for children and offensive to anyone who doesn't want to be referred to as "bitches"

video - Andrew Burgoon & Jeff Sillcox


Abbie said...

I think you guys used my cd to make that video!!! :) P.S. where is that cd???

Jim said...

Other than being terribly offensive, the video is pretty damn cool. I did a sick roof problem the other day...not important that it was in the gym.