Thursday, July 23, 2009

Way Lake Media

Since Eric and I have been extremely lazy on the photography front (Eric is actually too weak to lift a camera right now), here are a few links to some media from more motivated people.

Alex Savage posted a nice video from his trip up here. It's got Mike taking a terrible fall off the top of Green Mamba (V7), me repeating I'm Too Drunk to Taste this Chicken (V6), Darryl sending Serpentine (V8 or 9, I'll get around the the grades discussion in another post), and Alex crushing a number of hard problems.

Dom put up a bunch of good photos on his blog. Day 1 and Day 2.

Here's a sample of Dom's work... Me on Excitebike (V0ish). Check out his blog for the rest.

photo - Dominic Palmero

And Paul Barraza created a Way Lake Bouldering channel on Vimeo. The videos are all from last season, but I thought I'd put it up anyway since there's so much good stuff on there.

More to come soon. I actually have a bunch of photos that I haven't posted yet and I just got a new lens today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keepin' up with the times...

So I decided that it was high time for me to sell my soul to the devil keep up with the times of photography. Below is an image I took and (basically butchered) tweaked a little bit; I just (oversaturated) helped the colors, and added some (absurd and impractical) subtle (I don't have a Holga or any other means of drawing natural attention to the subject) vignetting, (not to mention there is no highball like this at Way Lake so I had to crop Jeff off a picture of Natalie V8, shrink him and put him back on the same problem to get "the feel" I was going for).

Note - I do actually have a Holga and it creates really artistic, natural vignetting... I find it interesting that the more we move forward in technology, the more we strive to be old school cave-people...

Jeff on Jeff on Fake Natalie, VMagic.
Photo by art by shameless and blatant misuse of artistic license by - Eric Lang


Now that's out of the way... there is a new addition to the Eastside Bouldering crew (that is, if Abbie ever allows her to visit the Eastside)... I give you; Sad Daisy...

Daisy being sad that she is no longer the token barnyard animal of the Eastside crew... poor little pig dog...
Photo - Eric Lang

No but really, we have a new dog. Her name is Sadie (which I would like to add is just a hodge podge of the sounds that make up the name, Daisy). She is a mix of Jack or Parson Russell terrier and hobo and goat... BEHOLD!!!

... and then Derek Spencer came to California (and by "and then" i mean prior to everything else in this blog, since it is exactly backwards)

Derek has made the Sierra angry...
photo - Eric Lang

There has been climbing, but I couldn't care less... stupid shoulder...

Derek pushing the "oh fuck, i'm pumped... fuck, i'm gonna fall" button on King Spud, 5.12a at Clark Canyon, CA
Photo - Jeff Sillcox

Derek Spencer getting the presumed 3rd ascent of the season of Secret Pinches, V5... after Jeff and I cut steps in the landing.
Photo - Jeff Sillcox

Enjoy climbing with all of your healthy body parts, audience...