Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's the point?

This is going to be a long one...

I've started questioning the purpose of this blog. Eric and I started it almost 18 months ago to share pictures and mini trip reports with our friends so we didn't have to email everyone we know to tell them what we were up to. Almost 17,000 unique hits later, we are definitely speaking to a larger audience.

I'm excited that so many people seem to be interested in what we have to write, but I think it's made me feel like I have to change how I write. It has lost some of it's personal touch. This is partly because I have a lot more climbing friends now than when the blog was started and not everyone knows who I'm talking about when I refer to someone by just their first name. I've decided that is okay though.

For example, most of you probably don't know that Jim is my brother who lives in Hoboken, NJ (see Jim, I told you I'd sneak Hoboken into a post), but it doesn't matter. The post is for him and anyone who knows him. If anyone else is psyched to read it, that's great. Just don't expect all of it to make sense. Another example: Jamie is a good friend who lives in SLC now. Why does the post about her in Joe's say "Biscuit"? Not telling... inside joke that only a few people out there will understand.

Anyway, you get the point. I'm going to continue to write about my friends and put up (hopefully good) photos of the action. So, what's the point? I guess there wasn't one, I just wanted to babble for a while.

One last thing... having a larger audience has made me hesitant to write about my own climbing achievements because it starts to feel like bragging. This is obviously stupid if my intention is to tell my friends what I am up to. So here goes...

I just had the best climbing week of my life. First up was Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Best boulder problem I've ever done. Nic and I sent early in the morning and Lisa did the stand start called Fall Guy. A few days later, after falling off the last move and once after the last move (don't ask), I finally finished the Buttermilker. Definitely the hardest thing I've ever climbed and it felt like I'd broken through a plateau. Then came Zen Flute. Although this one is a little easier than the other two, I had spent several days getting my ass kicked by it last spring and it was a great feeling to finish it off.

That's it for now. Sorry, no pictures in this post. But there will be video of my friend Jeremy sending Haroun, photos and possibly video of the Buttermilker, and there's a few shots of Zen Flute a few posts ago. Lots of other photos to post from the last couple weeks too.

Almost forgot... I'd like to thank some people for sticking it out on the Buttermilker with me. I won't list everyone, but you know who you are. It was great having people to hang out with, try moves with me, and force me to rest between tries.


shannon said...

Jeff, I've been having a similar experience with my blog - I started it when I went on the road after grad school so my mom and some friends could read about what I was doing if they wanted to- no mass emails, if they were interested it was there. Recently I discovered that a lot more people than just my mom and my friend Melissa in SLC were reading it, which is fine, but I've also noticed that my writing has changed as a result. I've also been finding myself less likely to talk about things I've sent because I'm worried it sounds like I'm spraying. I had a really good trip to Bishop in December, but I almost didn't write about it, until I decided that my friends might be interested, and I was psyched.
So, I don't really have a point either, just wanted to commiserate about the weirdness of the internet. Besides, photos of the Eastside keep me somewhat sane when I'm stuck in my cube all week.

Justin said...

Cheer up guys, your friends want you to spray (at least that's what I tell myself). Sure if all you do is talk about how hard you tried or how your soooo stoked about a recent send it will start to reek of spray, but if its now and again or thrown in as an aside that's alright. I'd go so far as to encourage it (for my own selfish pleasure).

On the point of changing one's voice...this is tough. I choose to edit myself occasionally and I cringe when I do. The real voice sounds sooo much better. Keep it REAL brotha!

Eric said...

I don't change shit... i keep it real... i'm an ass in real life and an ass on the interweb

Jeff Sillcox said...

Yes Eric, you are an ass.

Thanks Shannon and Justin... I'll keep the spray coming. And make sure I know next time any of you come out to Bishop. I miss the Berkeley crew.

Jim said...

Deep thoughts man (Jeff...not Eric). Thanks for not publicly ripping on Hoboken. I know I'm not the only one out there who spends more time sitting at a desk than climbing. We need you to do at least some spraying so we can keep living vicariously through you guys.
I hope you offered Jeremy the VHS of Lounge Lizzards from 10 years ago!

Jeff Sillcox said...

Damn... forgot about the video of him. I'll tell him about it tomorrow.

Andrew said...

Spray lord.

Your posts are entertaining, but your top sends have always been an inspiration to me. There is no place more apt to comunicate them than here, seeing that we live thousands of miles apart.

My two cents.

Lyn said...

Hey Jeff, anyone who has ever met you would never in a million years think of you as a spraylord; Shannon either for that matter. Eric and Justin on the other hand . . . I love your blog voice and enjoy your humor even if I don't get most of the inside jokes. Please don't change a thing. I find that with betabase, it's all about the climbs and there is very little personality in the posting. It never seems appropriate to imbue them with too much of my own thoughts from the day - so it's a real pleasure to read about people's experiences on and off the rock in their more personalized blogs. Plus, if you got rid of east side bouldering, where would we be able to see your eerie resemblance to Jon Bon Jovi? Great work on your recent amazing climbing feats and thanks for sharing!