Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Way Lake Highball

*** Video added below ***

Quick update from Way Lake yesterday. Andrew sent Crimp Ladder (V7) after fine-tuning his beta by falling off the last move a few times.

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Jeff Honeywell finished off the burly Karate Kid (V8) after the hold breakage (by him).

photos - Jeff Sillcox

And I did one of my highball projects without dying. The picture doesn't really do it justice. It's about 25 ft to the top of the face (roughly V4) and if you fall off the last move, you might get lucky and land on the pads or you might take the 30+ ft fall into the pit (don't do it). Andrew shot some video of it so we'll get that up soon. Maybe I'll have a name for it by then too.

Andrew trying the line

photo - Jeff Sillcox

The highball video... still no name yet

video - Andrew Stevens

I wandered around for a while after Jeff and Andrew took off and put up a very nice 15 ft V2 face on perfect rock. Took a few more pictures also. (Andrew, this is where the climbing ends, so look away and go upload the highball video.)

This is where the mosquitoes live

photo - Jeff Sillcox

Mammoth Mountain from the backside of Emerald Lake at sunset

photo - Jeff Sillcox


Jeff H said...

It's a good thing you have some manly pictures of badass climbers. Otherwise those scenery shots may put out the wrong "impression", if you know what I mean?

Eric said...

and by "manly pictures of badass climbers" you mean "bad pictures of climbers" pull up your pants on my blog, tard...

i'll take my chances with flowers, art and the gay community... at least a lot of them keep their asses tan...

Anonymous said...

Can't we coexist? As a gesture to bury to obvious bad blood between Jeff H. and Eric I propose a nickname change for Jeff H. What about Jeff "fat but fine ass" Honeywell. I believe it conveys all that the blog is about. In reference to Eric vs. Timmy I think the blog should be titled Climbers vs. Everything Inferior. Just as Eric's battle with Timmy my recent battle with rolling a car multiple times highlights the superiority of climbers. To an outsider it may seem that my car, gravity, velocity, a crazy old-timer, etc. got the best of me but there is a Transformer's Effect involved here i.e. There is More then Meets the Eye. Yes, I was "medically" diagnosed with a fracture vertabrae and extensive ligament damage which required surgery. But as I return to climbing this should be obvious to just about everyone that this surgery was for the purpose of what many are calling simply "The Comeback aka The Greatest Single Manifestations of the Human Spirit to Date aka Climbers vs. Everyting Inferior." Now, only question remains. Is it a comeback if I've been here for years?

Andrew said...

I take it that you don't get down with Kool Mo Dee then.