Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pain in the Neck

I've fallen off the last hard move of The Buttermilker (V13) three times now. I did the stand start variation last February and for some reason, those extra two moves are killing me. And I keep hurting myself. My neck is constantly sore from the ridiculous head-undercling/headbar that I use for the first move and I managed to tweak something in my wrist about two months ago when I fell off near the end four times in one day (probably some kind of overuse injury, duh). Anyway, I left it alone for a couple months and tried it again on Monday with no expectations. I fell off the last move on my first try that day. So why haven't I sent it? Must be fear of success. So here I am, three weeks from the official start of summer with a forecast for upper 80's and low 90's for the next week. Might have to start trying it in the middle of the night. Has it ever been done in June? Maybe I'll wait a few weeks and go for the FSA (First Summer Ascent).

Me not sending a year ago...

photo - Eric or Jamie or Jim (can't remember)

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Justin said...

Wasn't it first done in the summer?

Also, I've been hearing about the Way Lake area quite a bit from some Sacramento/Tahoe based friends and they all have good things to report. I'm living in Yosemite right now and am jonesing for something on the east side. Any chance I could arrange a tour?