Monday, March 24, 2008

School's cancelled... for the Tram-ulites

Words fail me at this point...

Watch my icy hot super slide!
Photo by Abbie Mood

Although it may appear that the Tram looks like a rockin' good time, it is really only fun if you enjoy throngs of screaming children that have likely never seen snow before. Most of the very limited amount of Tram we saw was snow covered or wet. Temps were nice and the snow will probably be at a more managable level in a month or so. I am finally starting to get pysched for the spring and summer seasons (since the winter has been so whacky). Here are 2 videos recapping the days events... Abbie was more successful...



After much searching there actually was some sending to be done, but not by me... all I did was cry...

Abbie trying to capture the dream...
Photo by Eric

Abbie on "Unknown" V3/4
Photo by Eric

Photo by Eric

Just another layer to the legend... Abbie is a human onion...
Photo by Eric

Viva la Tram!!!

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Joe said...

hey i took some pix of you guys on diaphonous sea..i think. anyways if you guys need a tour guide to tram let me know. my email is and i go there alla time so yeah. my name is joe morgan bye the bye. peace!