Thursday, November 1, 2007


Way Lake has a new hardest problem with Wills' FA of the seam project. It's solid V11 and Tony Lamiche nabbed the 2nd ascent right after Wills. I added a couple new problems next to Mike's Threshold of a Dream (V7). Aftershave (V9) and Taco Meat (V8) both start with a couple hard moves; Aftershave goes left on some small incuts while Taco Meat heads right into the end of a really fun V5.

We headed up to Tuolumne on Sunday to try Sharma'sThunderbird (Vhard). Tony did it in a couple tries and Wills sent quickly also despite pulling a muscle mid-problem. Noah, Lisa, and I came pretty close to doing the crux, but the real business is the scary V5 topout.

Tony setting up for the crux...
photo - Jeff Sillcox

...and eyeing up the mantle
photo - Jeff Sillcox

We stuck around for sunset to show the French how we do it in California...

Half Dome from Olmstead Point
photo - Jeff Sillcox

Stately Pleasure Dome (left) and half of Tenaya Peak over Tenaya Lake...stupid camera lens.
photo - Jeff Sillcox

Tony Lamiche has some really good shots from Sunday also. Check them out on his site: There's also some cool shots from Colorado on there. Good luck finding everything... it's in French.

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